Ise Guest House Kazami

Frequently Asked Questions
風見荘 よくある質問

Q: Is it ok to stay for a single female traveler?
A: Yes, 70% of our guests are female.

Q: Do your dorm rooms provide privacy?
A: Each bed has its own curtain, power plug and light. You will also get your disignated security box. 

Q: Do you have parking spots (for cars)?
A: No, but there is a coin parking lot located within 5 min walking distance. It costs 500 yen for 12 hours on weekdays or 700 yen on weekends.

Q: Can I keep my luggage before check-in or after check-out?
A: Yes, you can keep your luggage for free on the day of your check-in and check-out. 

Q: Where is the convenience store or supermarket?
A: A convenience store (FamilyMart conbini) located 3 min walking distance. A supermarket is located 5 min walking distance. Please ask a staff for direction.

Q: Is there any place to eat around?
A: You can enjoy the local cuisine, Japanese foods, Italian, Izakaya and bars. Please ask our staff. 

Q: Is there any public bath around?
A: There is one public bath. They have a unique outdoor sea-water bath. We have special coupon for the guests. Please ask a staff for direction

Q: What time do you turn off your lights?
A: We turn off the lights of the common rooms at 11:30pm. Please be quiet for other sleeping guests.

Q: Can I cook?
A: Yes. Our kitchen has basic cookingware, silverware and seasoning. You can use them for free. 

Q: Do you have any tourism information of Ise?
A: Yes. You can ask anything about traveing in and around Ise. We know a lot of travel tips that are not yet introduced in the travel guidebooks.

Q: Can I check in late?
A: No. However, once  you check-in before 10pm, you can freely go out after 10pm.

Q: Do you have a staff supervision for 24 hours at Kazami?
A: Our staff members stay here for 24 hours a day 

Q: Do you have a TV set?
A: We DO NOT have any TV set on purpose. We would like you to enjoy communicating with other guests or spend your own time without TV.

Q: Can I party?
A: No. Our building does not block loud voices. Please respect other guests.

Q: Can children stay at Kazami?
A: Since the building was built before the current building codes was installed, the stair is steep and there are many gaps. We WILL NOT be responsible for any injuries. We do not provide children discount.

Q: Can a group stay at Kazami?
A: If your party has more than 8 guests, we are asking you to wire the money in advanced to secure your rooms. Please contact us for details. 

Q: Can I rent the entire building?
A: Unless it's busy season, you can rent the entire building if you're the part of of 20 or more. Please contact us for details.

Q: Do you have long-term plan?
A: Unless it's busy season, we sometime offer long-term discount. Please contact us for details. 

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