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Kazami Guest House is the very first guest house in Ise since December 2011. A 80-year-old Japanese Inn was re-born to bring new wave to Ise

We're conveniently located 2 minutes walk from JR & Kintetsu Ise-shi Station, & 5 minutes from Ise Outer Shrine. You can drop your baggage, and then take the tour of Japan's most sacred Shrine.

Something old, something new. The name Kazami means wind vane. We are a gathering
spot for artists and travelers for both pleasure and business, and we welcome all those traveling the path of the wind! Come enjoy good times with us!

Our reasonable rooms starts at 2,600 yen per person for dormitory room. The private room starts at 2,800 yen per person. The bathroom, kitchen and shower are shared only.

Ise is the spiritual town and surrounded by the great nature. We hope to provide the friendly atomosphere where people can meet and communicate, not only with fellow travelers, but also with the locals.

Check the availability of the rooms, and feel free to contact us.

Ise, The Sacred Town in Mie, Japan
Ise and Okage mairi 

From long ago, it has been Japanese tradition to make a pilgrimage to Ise at least once in one's life. We invite you to visit the Ise Jingú (Grand Shrine at Ise).

Outer Shrine (Gekú or Toyoukedaijingú) enshrines the god of clothing, food, living and industries. You visit and pray to apprecaite the past and future. Outer Shrine is located 5 minutes walk from Kazami Guest House.

Inner Shrine (Naikú or Kotaijingú) enshrines the god of family, Amaterasu Omikami. People visit and pray for family fortunes. It's located 40 minutes walk or 10~20 minutes bus ride from Kazami. It's surrounded by various gift shops.

In addition to Ise, we're surrounded by famous tourist areas, such as Toba and Shima.

History of Kazami Guest House 
Japanese title

"There was no guest house in Ise, we must make one!" This was the reason why Kazami was born. Kazami building was converted from the 80 year-old old Japanese Ryokan Inn. Many parts of interior was built handmade by the owner, local artists, and his friends.

Transition from old haikyo ryokan to new Kazami

At the beginning, the first floor used to have 4 rooms and 2 stairs. All walls and one stair was taken away. It became the community space where the people communicate.

Our bedrooms are the mixture of Japanese, Western and East Asian styles. The plastered wall and wood flooring are all hand-made. We even hand-made our beds!

Each bed in the dorm rooms has its own curtain for privacy, power outlet and reading light. We try to provide the conform as much as possible.

Transition to Kazami Guest House

After half a year of big rennovation, old Ryokan became a brand new guest house. You will be able to meet the travelers from all over the world, and experience the sacred town of Ise.


Hiromichi Marui, the owner of Kazami Guest House

Hiromichi MaruiHiro (丸井寛道, Hiromichi Marui)

Hiro was born and raised in Ise. He loves music and travel. He used to be a full-time musician. But one day, he realized that there was no guest house in Ise, and decided to open one by himself.

He hopes to meet as many people as possible and tries to learn sometime new every day.

Favorite spots : Ise, Amami Island, Okinawa, Yakushima, Cambodia, Thailand, Bali

Favorite Music : Hardcore music, ambient, jam and etc

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